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Design and ease are on the middle of our internet site builder. Easily create, customize, and sell a lovely internet site it really is seek engine equipped all in your personal with the energy of ZINZUWADA platform.


Custom Domain

A custom domain is a unique branded name that identifies a website. Custom domains, also known as vanity URLs, appear in the address bar at the top of every browser.

Unlimited Language

The top 10 languages account for 76.3% of the global internet users, which is a significant number. Now, imagine if you added Chinese and Spanish to your English-only website.

Attactive Themes

At their most basic level, Bizwebsite themes are collections of different files that work together to create what you see, as well as how your site behaves

Form Builder

Form builder is a feature-rich web application for creating and managing forms. It's a must-have tool for collecting the required information.

QR Builder

It is a niche tool that is used to generate different types of QR Codes. Depending on your purpose, you can use our generator to create QR Codes

Digital Visiting Card

Digital Business Cards are a new way of sharing your contact information and important content helping you grow your professional network and business.

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  • Custom Domain
  • Subdomain
  • vCard
  • QR Builder
  • Follow/Unfollow
  • Request a Quote
  • Blog
  • Portfolio
  • Custom Page
  • Counter Information
  • Skill
  • Service
  • Testimonial
  • Career
  • Team
  • Plugins (Google Analytics, Disqus, WhatsApp, Facebook Pixel, Tawk.to)

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